“IndexGold” is a physical gold storage and trading platform that allows individuals to buy, sell and directly own gold and silver, with the same convenience as using their other online accounts. IndexGold is the result of a collaboration between Lionsgold and TRAC Technology Ltd (“TRAC”) which was initially conducted under a joint venture (“JV”) targeting the India market as announced on 1 November 2016. It was subsequently agreed, as announced to market on 3 May 2017, that Lionsgold would subsequently capitalize the JV expenditure incurred and invest the remaining JV funds budgeted to see Lionsgold’s equity shareholding in TRAC increase to 37.7% of TRAC.

IndexGold combines TRAC's fintech and sector experience with Lionsgold's business development and corporate growth capabilities. IndexGold looks to focus on the UK in the first instance and then the Indian market (of 1.25bn people representing the world's second largest consumer of gold).

TRAC was founded in 2010 in the UK and developed a gold and silver buying and trading platform, allowing users to easily track and trade their physical gold and silver. As of 16th May 2017, TRAC stores on behalf of its clients in excess of 120kg of gold and over 4 tonnes of silver at vaults across London, Geneva, Singapore and Hong Kong.
IndexGold sees Lionsgold with a revenue generating fintech gold division, utilizing proven technology and established infrastructure to meet what the board believes is growing consumer awareness in the mainstream about the importance of holding part of one's personal cash and cash-like assets in physical gold whilst having the freedom to easily convert back and forth to cash and gold as desired.